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Puppy Care and Counseling

Cure and Care offer counseling for the care, comfort and health of new borne puppies and their mother. A pet is a commitment and bringing a companion into your house is a life long responsibility. It’s important that you plan and adjust yourself as well as the home environment for the new companion. Keeping a pet is a lifelong commitment and Cure and Care Pre Pet Counseling helps and supports you in choosing the right pet for your family. We help the prospective puppy owners learn how to select and raise their new pets by providing information on pet selection ,socialization and early training . You have brought your best friend at home and now it’s time to share a lifelong experience of bonding. Along with the happiness you get from your companion you have responsibilities towards your pet. When making the transition to a new home, a puppy needs a quiet, safe place to play when unsupervised. Cure and Care post pet counseling would assist and guide you to keep your pet health and happy.

Clinical Medicines

Experienced doctors and paravets help support the high footfall of clinical cases at Cure and Care. Utmost individual care is given for pets and queries related to pets are discussed with the pet parents. Once the pet is registered at Cure and Care they are given a unique registration for further visits and follow up. The unique registration number is shared with the pet parent and on every visit with the help of the number the treatment card of the pet can be tracked down at the clinic. Follow up of cases are done by the Veterinarians.

Doctors are available at the OPD clinic from morning 9.30 to 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm on all days .Our Sunday timings are:9:30 am to 12:30 am.

Vaccination and deworming

It’s very crucial for your pet to have a proper vaccination schedule right from day 1 and for you as a pet owner to take responsibility of the pet’s regular vaccinations. Vaccinations are critical both for the health and well-being of the pet as well as the surrounding environment where the pet lives.

Various diseases like Parvo,Canine Distemper,Leptospirosis,Rabies,Influenza can be prevented with timely vaccination.

Cure and Care ensures that the clients are sent timely SMS reminders for vaccinating their loved pets.

General and Orthopedic surgery

A full fleged Operation Theater is available in Cure and Care and along with routine surgical procedures; our poly clinic is capable of advanced orthopedic surgery such as fracture repairs, including external & internal fixation and major and minor soft tissue surgeries. Our specially-trained Veterinarians use some of the most advanced available technologies to treat your pet in specialties including tumor removal, dentistry, castration, spaying, hematomas, to name a few. We use only the safest anesthetics as well as sophisticated monitoring systems for heart, respiration and pulse oxymetry.At Cure and Care, we provide utmost care during anesthesia and pre anesthesia. To help prevent complications, every patient is required to have pre-anesthetic lab work. Our veterinarian reviews the medical history of each patient, performs a physical examination, and then each patient receives an anesthetic protocol customized to fit their individual needs. Pre-anesthetic medications are chosen including drugs for sedation and pain control.

Pet Accessories and Supplies

We bring to you the very best in Pet’s Daily Nutrition and care, plus everything else that concerns your beloved furry pals. Cure and Care offers a quality selection of your pet’s everyday needs. We have a wide range of dog shampoos of high quality, dog treats, top quality pet foods and prescription diets, pet toys,dog bowls, biscuits,collars, nutrition care products and supplements. A look of the counter at the gallery.

Diagnostic and X-Ray

Cure and Care diagnostic center is well equipped with X-Ray unit nd veterinary specific diagnostic facility and trained experienced laboratory technicians are available for routine examination of blood and serum samples. The clinic has an in-house IDEXX ,VET LAB Station handling most hematological , biochemical investigations, Stool examination, skin scrapings &routine urine analysis, covering a wide spectrum of clinical disorders. Results of the laboratory reports are shared online to the pet parents if required and discussed during the next visits.

Dental Care and Oral Hygiene

Owners often copain of foul smelling or bad readth fro their pet’s mouth.This can be prevented by proper oral hygiene.Dental care and oral hygiene is often overlooked by. Good dental care can prevent other health problems of your pet. Periodontal diseases are very common in young animals around 3-4 years and it leads to build up of plaque. At cure and Care we do regular check up of teeth during the pet regular health visits and scaling of plaques are done. Healthy oral cavity leads to healthy animals, hence it is important to visit your Veterinarian for regular dental checkups and cleanings.

We offer and recommend ultrasonic scaling, tarter removal, for all our patients. We also perform teeth extractions when necessary.

Preventive Care Regime

Dogs and cats grow older much faster than people – on average, they age 6 to 10 years for every year we age. As their body changes with age, the medical and nutritional needs change as well.
Preventive Care Regime helps you to keep up with your pet’s changing health care needs – monitoring vital organ functions, detecting early signs of potential problems such as arthritis,cardiac diseases,kidney and heart problem,thus giving you every opportunity to help keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible in its prime of life.

Nutrition Counselling and Weight Management

Our pets have special nutritional needs-and at our clinic our Veterinarian guides you for appropriate nutrition to your pet,through all stages of its life. Poor nutrition can be the root cause of many serious animal health issues including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and overall reduced life expectancy. We discuss your pet’s diet and condition with you and we will, after appropriate assessment,give you a diet plan to follow. We discuss your pet’s diet (keeping his/her age and condition in mind) and thereafter recommend the best possible diet for your companion.We normally look into both pet and home cooked diet for your pets.


We offer grooming services under the hands of a highly trained & experienced groomer. The grooming facilities include wet and dry grooms, specialized haircuts for shorthaired and long haired breeds, hygiene clips, ear cleaning, mouthwash, anal gland cleaning. We offer a range of baths from normal , medicated to anti tick bath and medicated spray.

Other general maintainance include nail cutting, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, coat brushing, Oil massage,De-Shedding,Anal gland cleaning.Please try to call early for an appointment.

Pet Pick Up Services

Please avail our pick and drop services by making an appointment for your Dog to be picked up for Grooming/Treatment and dropped off.This is subject to availability of staff .Prior appointments are advisable. We operate this service within a radius of 5km.

Alternative Therapy

Homeopathy: Is a safe and effective alternative therapy for treating a number of cases such as Epilipsy,liver,arthritis and kidney disorder,cardiac disorders to name a few.

Laser: Companion therapy Laser has been recently introduced to treat conditions like Acral lick deratiitis,abscesses,wounds,arthritits ,chronic otitis to name a few.


Puppy Care and Counseling
Clinical Medicines
Vaccination and Deworming
General and Orthopedic Surgery
Pet Accessories and supplies
Diagnostic and X-Ray facilities
Dental Care and Oral Hygienic facilities
Preventive Care Regime
Nutrition Counseling and weight management
Pet Pick Up Services
Alternative Therapy