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May I give self medicine to ill Pets?
No medicine to be given to the pet without prior consultation as certain human medicines is contraindicated in pets.
What is Dog Normal Temperature?
Dog’s normal body temperature is 101 degree and 102 degree F.

How do I know if my pet is in pain?

If you believe that your pet is ill or injured, contact us as soon as possible. Some signs of pain such as limping are more clear, but other signs are more subtle and can include: not eating, a change in behavior or normal habits, and lethargy. Of course, these symptoms can also be caused by many problems, so early observation and action is important.

When is the best time to spay or neuter my pet?

The best time to spay or neuter your pet is around 5 to 6 months of age. However, the procedure can be done at most ages.


Vaccines have proven important in preventing serious disease in dogs and cats. Other than for rabies, which is state mandated, vaccination protocols vary from animal hospital to animal hospital.

What is kennel cough?

Kennel cough, also known as Infectious Tracheobronchitis, and is easily transmitted through the air. It is caused by viruses and/or bacteria that affect the respiratory system of dogs. The best way to reduce the severity of the disease is with frequent vaccination. There are several types of vaccinations available to treat kennel cough.

When does my pet need blood work?

We recommend annual blood work to look for infections and diseases, which helps us prevent disease early on. In many situations, early detection is essential for more effective treatment. The type of blood work will be determined specifically for each pet depending on his or her individual needs. This annual blood test is convenient to do at the time of your pet’s annual heartworm test, but it can