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We offer grooming services under the hands of a highly trained & experienced groomer. The grooming facilities include wet and dry grooms, specialized haircuts for shorthaired and long haired breeds, hygiene clips, ear cleaning, mouthwash, anal gland cleaning. We offer a range of baths from normal , medicated to anti tick bath and medicated spray.
Other general maintainance include nail cutting, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, coat brushing, Oil massage,De-Shedding,Anal gland cleaning.Please try to call early for an appointment


Puppy Care and Counseling
Clinical Medicines
Vaccination and Deworming
General and Orthopedic Surgery
Pet Accessories and supplies
Diagnostic and X-Ray facilities
Dental Care and Oral Hygienic facilities
Preventive Care Regime
Nutrition Counseling and weight management
Pet Pick Up Services
Alternative Therapy