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Dr.Sunita Nauriyal

Dr.Sunita Nauriyal
Regn. No. DVC/0169

A practicing clinician with over 25 years of experience in small animal clinical practice. An avid animal lover, associated with various animal welfare activities. In the capacity of veterinary consultant, featured in several episodes of a popular TV serial on animals titled” Heads and Tails”, a talk show “ Animal Ark” and currently a panelist on AIR FM’s “Radio Pet House”. Homeopathy as an alternative therapy for a number of clinical condition is yet another area of her interest. Dr.Sunita has managed the largest animal shelter in India, having at least 700 indoor patients and 150 odd outdoor patients {mostly canines}. She hails from a family of animal lovers. At present, the beautiful female Labrador named ‘”ANGEL” is her little bundle of joy. Her pillars of strength at home are her 22 years old son Dhruv and her husband Dr.Shekhar .Dr.Shekhar Nauriyal is also a Veterinarian and presently is the HOD of Veterinary Medicine Dept, Ananad Veterinary College.


Small animal Veterinary Association, Delhi
Delhi Veterinary Council
Co-opeted former member- Animal welfare Board of India

Dr.Sanjib Kakoty

Dr.Sanjib Kakoty
MVSc (Surgery and Radiology)
Regn. No. DVC/637

Dr.Sanjib has experience of 18 years and is a registered Veterinary practitioner of Delhi Veterinary Council .He has a post graduate degree in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology,specialisation in Orthopaedic from College of Veterinary Science, Guwahati Assam. Dr. Kakoty is the founder consultant of PFA hospital, Guwahati and has worked as chief surgeon at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center. He has a keen interest in orthopaedic surgery and uses latest techniques in various small animal surgery.He is regularly attending different continuous education (CE) programs to upgrade the latest trends in diagnostic,treatment and surgery.He has vast exposure of performing various orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries.
Dr.Kakoty has two beautiful daughters Drishti and Ishani and is supported by his wife Dr.Shilpi.His wife is also a Veterinarian and has masters in Vet Medicine and Public Health and has worked with public health institutes since last 10 years.


Delhi Veterinary Council
Small Animal Veterinary Association, Delhi
Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery (ISVS)
Veterinary Orthopaedic Foundation

Dr.Pritam Chakravarty

Dr.Pritam Chakravarty
Regn no.DVC/0713
Regn No:VCI:2490

Dr.Pritam joined Veterinary science because of his love and passion for animals. He has an experience of over 16 years and has graduated from College of Veterinary Science, Guwahati, Assam.Dr.Pritam started his career with reputed pharmaceutical companies and later joined Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center as veterinarian.He has experience of treating variety of small and large animals and has handled both IPD and OPD cases in large numbers.He is the co-founder of Dwarka Pet Clinic which is running successfully since 2009.Dr.Pritam is available in Cure and Care Dwarka clinic all the days in the week except Wednesday.
Pet has been an integral part of his life and his pets Buzo,Tintin and Moti has a special place at his home. He stays in Dwarka with his affectionate and fun loving wife Aditi, who herself is a passionate animal lover.


Delhi Veterinary Council,
Small Animal Veterinary Association -Delhi

Dr. Reena Jaiswal

B.V.Sc and A.H
Regd. No. VCI/008364

Dr. Reena Jaiswal is a young and energetic veterinarian with great enthusiasm for learning advanced technologies. After her graduation from RAJUVAS, Bikaner, Rajasthan in 2016 she worked for two and a half years in Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. Thereafter, she joined the cure and care family. Over the last 1 year.
she has become an integral part of the Cure and Care unit and emerged as a confident, competent and compassionate veterinarian.

Dr. Rukmini Paul

B.V.Sc & A.H
MBA ( Healthcare Administration)
Regd No. VCI/4519

Dr. Rukmini has an experience of 9 years of clinical practice including 3 years tenure in hospital administration. She has a post graduate degree in healthcare administration. Dr. Rukmini has worked with Jeevashram Veterinary Hospital for 8 years as a Senior Veterinarian. She was involved in routine treatment, care and management of small animals . She has managed both IPD and OPD cases in large numbers. She has performed surgeries under Animal Birth Control program with MCD. She took training in Blood Typing of Canines and has performed many successful blood transfusions in canines.

Dr. Rukmini stays in Gurgaon with her loving and supportive husband Amit Parashar who in IT prs aofessional. Couple has got an adorable 4 years old child Prithvi who is the apple of their eye.