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Puppy Care and Counseling

  Cure and Care offer counseling for the care, comfort and health of new borne puppies and their mother. A pet is a commitment and bringing a companion into your house is a life long responsibility. It’s important that you plan and adjust yourself as well as the home environment for the new companion. Keeping a pet is a lifelong commitment and Cure and Care Pre Pet Counseling helps and supports you in choosing the right pet for your family. We help the prospective puppy owners learn how to select and raise their new pets by providing information on pet selection ,socialization and early training .
You have brought your best friend at home and now it’s time to share a lifelong experience of bonding. Along with the happiness you get from your companion you have responsibilities towards your pet. When making the transition to a new home, a puppy needs a quiet, safe place to play when unsupervised. Cure and Care post pet counseling would assist and guide you to keep your pet health and happy.