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Workshop & Training


Dr.Sunita Nauriyal:
• Vetlab on Canine dentistry., January 2011
• WSAVA CE-Small animal oncology.,Novemer 2013
• 6th National symposium on companion animal practice-Seminar on critical care & emergencies in companion animals
• 13th WSAVA CE program-2014., Cardiology in companion animals
• SAVA-National symposium on companion animal practice. December 2007
• National symposium on companion animal practice-Seminar on small animal renal failure management., Nov 2013
• CE Programe –organized by Pedigreee., Clinical opthalmolgy and nephrology ., Jan 2010
• SAVA CE program on Ultrasound in Obstetertics and Gynacology
• SAVA CE Program-Workshop and hands on training in Ultrasoound in small animal practice 2010
• Basics of Small Animal Ultrasound., Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University., January 2015

Dr.Sanjib Kakoty:

• Basic Ophthalmology Course; Veterinary Orthopedic Foundation., June 2016
• Management of GI &Reproductive Complications.,Zoetis Veterinary Initiative., February 2015
• Hands-on Workshop on Clinical Pathology., supervision by Dr.Fred Reyer, Clinical Pathologist from South Africa., Small Animal Veterinary Association., September 2015
• Fundamentals in Fracture Repair., Veterinary Orthopedic Foundation., October 2015
• Basics of Small Animal Ultrasound., Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University., January 2015
• Critical Care &Emergencies in Companion Animals., 6th National Symposium on Companion Animal Practice., November 2014
• Cardiology in Companion Animals.,13th World Small Animal Veterinary Association., November 2014
• Advanced Veterinary Orthopedics., Veterinary Orthopedic Foundation Germany., September 2014
• Small Animal Oncology., 12th World Small Animal Veterinary Association CE Program., November 2013
• Small Animal Renal Failure Management., Pet Practioners Association of Mumbai., November 2013
• Trends in Diagnostic Imaging and Management of Surgical affection in dairy animals; XXXIII Annual Congress of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery.,2009

Dr.Pritam Chakraborty
• Exotic animal management and Treatment;Small Animal Veterinary Association;2016
• Continuous education program on Dermatology organised by Royal Canin;2016
• Canine Dentistry; organized by Pfizer Ltd;2011
• Clinical training on skin diseases of dogs and their management, Directorate of clinics at the department of veterinary clinical medicine, ethics and jurisprudence., Madras Veterinary College
• Cardiology in Companion Animals ,13th World animal veterinary association CE Programe, , 2014
• Canine Dentistry , Pfizer Ltd.,2011
• Management of GI&Reproductive Complications in companion animals ,organized by Zoetis.,2015
• Critical care and emergencies in companion animals.,6th National symposium on companion animal practice.,2014